A Random Survey of Manufacturing Companies in Cavite

Done from January 29 – 8 February 2009


Prepared by Workers Assistance Center and Solidarity of Cavite Workers  


Data are for period September 2008 to January 2009


Total Number of Factories Covered = 108

(85 factories are from CEZ, Rosario)

electronics & semiconductors = 48 (41 from CEZ)

garments & apparel = 22 (19 from CEZ)

car & automotive = 7 (2 from CEZ)

others = 31 (23 from CEZ)


Total Workforce Affected = 85467 to 89167

            electronics & semiconductors = 43,394 - 45,894

            garments & apparel = 15,980 to 16380

            car and automotive = 8,223 to 8723

            others = 17870 to 18,170


Total Affected By Forced Vacation/Leaves = 25,946

(forced to take a leave or vacation at different times from September 2008 to January 2009)

            electronics & semiconductoris = 13,885

            garments & apparel = 7170

            car and automotive = 3400

            others = 1490


Total Dismissed/Laid-Off = 18,344

            electronics & semiconductoris = 11430

            garments & apparel = 610

            car and automotive = 2150

            others = 4154


Days Of Work

            electronics & semiconductoris = mostly 2-5 days without OT

            garments & apparel = mostly 5-6 days without OT

            car and automotive = mostly 3-5 days without OT

            others = mostly 3-5 days


► the reasons given by the management to the workers are (1) lack of order (2) global crisis (3) no raw materials

► the 108 companies came from the Cavite Economic Zone (CEZ), First Cavite Industrial Estate (FCIE), Gateway Business Park (GBP), People’s Technology Complex (PTC), EDS Mfg Inc., and companies in Rosario, Noveleta, Dasmariñas, and Gen. Trias outside the economic zones and industrial estates

the data do not include information from Intel Philippines where workers were said to have been laid off in 2008 prior to the public announcement of closure because the interviewees cannot give an exact number of workers laid-off

among the data gathered after Feb 8, 2009:

            100 workers from Deco Candles were forced to take an indefinite vacation leave (without pay) since January 2009 (total workforce = 144)

            the workers from American Power Conversion (APC) were put on vacation leave from March 9-14 without pay (estimated total workforce of APC is 1,800++)

            from a 3-day workweek since October 2008, the management announced a 5-month vacation or temporary closure in Feb 3, 2009. In the face of uncertainty, the workers have chosen to take the offer of a voluntary resignation package. The total number of workers affected totaled 86.


Note:  Updates/summary of data gathered  after February 8  will be published soon.



Producing Computer Hardware
An Investigative Report on Labour Conditions in the Supply Chain of the ICT Sector in the Philippines
Research made by Workers assistance Center in partnership with Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations(SOMO)

In 2005, SOMO conducted a research concerning the Corporate Social Responsibility issue in the information and Communication Technology sector of electronics industry. In August to October 2006, a study on factories producing computer hardware and parts was conducted in the Philippines as part of follow-up research of SOMO on the supply chain of the ICT sector.

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