Reference: MERLY GRAFE
SCW Chairperson
Tel No.: (+63-46)-8840076

Workers in the Taiwanese-owned Dyna Image Corp. Phils. burst into tears when their supervisor announced on 28 January that it would lay-off by month’s end some 200 workers who had been in the company for two years and less. However, 400 workers were in shocked disbelief when they were given the pink slip when they reported for work this morning. Dyna, located inside the Cavite Economic Zone (CEZ) manufactures contact image sensors for CCTV and cameras.

It was the same scenario when Intel Philippines officially announced to the remaining 1,800 workers in its Cavite plant the decision to shutdown its operations in April 2009.

The workers’ sentiments and hopelessness are understandable, according to Merly Grafe, chairperson of the Solidarity of Cavite Workers (SCW). The Arroyo government is incapable of addressing the massive job loss and declining economy. Its fallback measures are sorely inadequate.

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