Press Release

The GoodElectronics Network, a global network of organization calling for human rights and sustainability in the electronics sector, convened for a three-day general meeting in the Philippines from November 3-5, 2010.

The general meeting that was held at Rosario, Cavite forged commitments and reached consolidation among its members who joined the assembly in improving conditions in the global electronics industry.

Committed to make a difference in the upcoming years, the network recognized issues on freedom of association and collective bargaining, and precarious work were among the pressing issues in the electronics industry that should be addressed and acted upon in the global scale.

The general meeting also gave way for member organizations to meet with local organizations who pledged membership and active involvement in campaigns and activities to be initiated by the network.

The Workers Assistance Center, Inc. hosted the general meeting and was joined by more than 30 organizations from the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hongkong and the Philippines.

The GoodElectronics Network was formed in 2005 and consists of 150 organizations and individuals around the globe. Member-organizations include trade unions, labor rights organizations, human rights organizations, environmental organizations, universities, academics, and researchers.