The Workers’ Assistance Center, Inc. (WAC) was launched on November 30, 1995 as a socio-pastoral program of the Most Holy Rosary Parish in Rosario, Cavite in response to an initial research study made by the program and other church organizations. The study found that a growing number of workers at the Cavite Export Processing Zone (CEPZ) were denied of their basic welfare and right to organize.

In 1997 WAC transformed into a non-government organization to meet the demands of the growing need to organize workers into unions and other labor associations.  

To date, WAC has provided various assistance to over 30,000 workers through organizing, labor education and paralegal services with cases mostly involving illegal dismissal, delayed salaries, forced overtime, non-provision of benefits, and non-remittance of Social Security System (SSS) contributions and violations of workers’ democratic and labor rights.


A society that values the dignity of men and women, protects the environment, respect human rights, and enjoys equality and total human development.


To help initiate the formation of workers organizations and unions in the economic zones in the provinces of Cavite and Batangas by assisting the development of the workers’ ability to strive for and attain their just and democratic interests.

To advocate for the promotion of the workers’ rights and welfare and solicit support for their cause.


The creation of workers’ organizations and unions in Cavite and Batangas that are capable of striving for and attaining their just and democratic interests.

Organizations and individuals who promote and support workers’ rights and welfare and their struggle to attain democracy.


Assisting workers initiatives in organizing themselves into genuine workers’ organizations and unions that will forward their demands and issues.

Providing appropriate education and training to workers that will raise their consciousness and improve their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Providing a venue for the participation of the middle class sectors in workers’ issues and struggles. 


WAC's core program is the organizing of workers primarily, but not limited, in export zones and industrial enclaves. The program combines organizing, campaigning, and alliance-building. All the other programs and services of WAC - such as the Labor and Gender Education Program (LGEP); the Research, documentation, Information, and Publication (RDIP) Program; the International Relations Program (IRP); and the Legal and Paralegal Assistance Program (LPAP) - are all geared to supplement and strengthen the organizing program.

Organizing, Campaign, and Alliance Program

The founding of the Solidarity of Cavite Workers (SCW) and the formation of the Batangas Labor Solidarity (BLAST) as province-wide labor alliances that promote and uphold genuine, militant, and nationalist unionism help in the coordination and strengthening of labor unions, workers' organizations and local chapters organized within the respective provinces. 

The creation of the Friends of the Workers (FOW), an organization of groups and individuals supportive of the workers’ cause and struggles.

Since 2005, the organizing of the workers and residents in the communities around the economic zones as support mechanisms for labor struggles and for the multi-sectoral defense of the people's rights and welfare.

Assisting and supporting the labor unions and the provincial alliances in the conduct of campaigns for the betterment of working conditions and the respect of labor and democratic rights.

Labor and Gender Education and Training

Conducting seminars and trainings on labor concerns including working conditions, labor rights and welfare, women workers’ rights, union organizing and management, organizational leadership and development, education work, and other relevant topics; and on currently relevant democratic and socio-economic concerns affecting women and workers including courses on Philippine History, wages and Crisis, Oil Price Hike, and others.

Research, Documentation, Information and Publications Program

Conducting studies on working conditions and labor rights ad welfare; publishing a quarterly newsletter ; and disseminating information about working conditions and issues through the media relations work, maintaining a website and other forums and channels of information dissemination.

International Relations Program

stablishing and strengthening of solidarity among organizations and individuals in various countries abroad for campaign support and advocacy on workers issues and struggles.

Legal and Paralegal Assistance Program

Providing free legal and paralegal consultations, counsels and other necessary services to workers.

Strengthening workers capability by providing seminars and trainings on paralegal and legal tactics and processes. 


Most Rev. Ephraim Fajutagana

Obispo Maximo, IFI


Jojit De Guzman

Vice Chairperson

Atty. Renato M. Pambid


Leticia Z. Boniol


Dr. Patrick R. McDivith

Internal Auditor


Douglas Booker

Workers Representative

Florencia Arevalo

Jimmy Eder

Jesus Piandiong, Jr.

Antonio Saez

Ex-Officio Members

Arnel Salvador

Deputy Executive Director

Atty. Renato Pambid

Executive Director


11th Justice and Peace Awardee of Tji Hak-Soon Foundation

The Discarded Factory:Degraded Production in the Age of the Superbrand Written by Naomi Klein in her book NO LOGO

The Squeaky Wheel’s Dilemma: New Forms of Labor Organizing in the Philippines Written by Steven C. McKay, 2006

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